[updated 12 August 2020]

We are here to help your business to operate safely, protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Can your business operate safely at the current Alert Level?

The government has put strict requirements in place to ensure all businesses are preventing the spread of infection. The WorkAble Infection Control service is designed to help you identify and implement the right procedures to reduce the risk of infection in your workplace. These measures include social distancing, hygiene protocols, and clear policies to ensure your staff do not come to work if they are unwell.

Caring for your employees when they are working from home

If your employees are working from home, our CheckIn Service is designed to help you keep in touch with their wellbeing. A regular call will allow us to find out about the mental and physical health of your employee. This is combined with an ergonomic check, where we run through how and where they are working and remind your employee how to take care of their neck and back with safe working practices.

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