The right person for the job?

Pre-employment medicals are your opportunity to make sure that your candidate is fit to do the job. We’ll work with you to provide the testing you need to properly assess potential employees before you accept them into your business.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

All pre-employment drug testing is carried out by an experienced registered nurse with no opportunity for results to be falsified.

For all pre-employment drug testing we offer fast and effective urine screening. Tests can be carried out at your work premises or confidentially at our clinic in central Gisborne. We can also come to any site in the region with our mobile van.

Monitor and manage the wellbeing of your team

Pre-employment medicals provide a valuable benchmark for your employee’s wellbeing as they enter your company. A pre-employment medical can identify any illnesses, health problems or injuries that may affect someone’s ability to perform the job they have applied for. It also provides a baseline for the employees health should they be employed. Ongoing annual wellChecks then give a business reassurance that their workplace and their employees job is not having a negative affect on their health.


Our aim is to make it easy to look after your employees.


Protect your business with exit medicals

Exit medicals give you proof that your employees are leaving your business in good health, ready for their next opportunity.


Protect your business from future challenges by monitoring the health of employees that have chosen to leave. Our testing programme can be tailored to your needs. All tests are carried out by an experienced registered nurse either on site or at our clinic in central Gisborne.

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