Spirometry or Lung Function Testing is recommended for employees who are exposed to contaminants in the air.

WorkAble make it easy to monitor lung function in your team

Are your employees exposed to airborne hazards such as fumes, dusts, solvents or dangerous airborne particles?


Our 20 minute lung function test uses Spirometry to measure the condition of your employee’s lungs. We can carry out tests on site or at our clinic in Central Gisborne.


Most lung diseases take many years to develop. Lung function tests can detect early changes in a person at risk of lung disease.


WorkAble can carry out these tests onsite minimising disruption to your day. Our fitted out van means we can provide our service confidentially in a private, mobile clinic room. We also have a clinic in town situated at 74 Grey St.


WorkAble nurses are fully trained in Spirometry meaning they have the experience and knowledge to give you a service you can trust.

Reliable results

We take time to talk your employee through the results of their test. We’ll also ensure you’re able to track their health effectively by letting you know when they are due to be tested again. It’s as simple as registering your employee in our system.


All tests are carried out by an experienced registered nurse.

Get the full picture with WorkAble wellCheck

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. WorkAble wellCheck has been designed to give you the tools you need to create a healthy workforce and a successful business.


Our WorkAble wellCheck programme provides a comprehensive range of tests designed so you can monitor and protect the mental and physical health of your team.


Our mental health is key to good health. Let the WorkAble team care for your team.

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