WorkAble provide a complete Health Monitoring service to businesses across Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and Bay of Plenty.


Health Monitoring is required by WorkSafe NZ when your employees are exposed to hazardous substances or conditions. By controlling the conditions and monitoring the health of your team, you can provide and maintain a safe working environment.


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We’re qualified to help

Testing must be carried out by qualified experts – and that’s where we can help. The team at WorkAble are registered nurses, as well as being experts in Occupational Health. We can help you to identify the right testing programme for your business, and ensure you are regularly monitoring the health of your employees. We work closely with WorkSafe NZ to ensure we are providing a high quality service – from frequency of testing to record keeping and confidentiality.

Working in partnership with you

WorkAble work in partnership with your business to deliver your health monitoring programme. We’re mobile and come to your team, making it easier to manage your obligations without costly downtime or inconvenience to your employees.

Health Monitoring and You

Whether you’re a business or an employee, it’s good to get your head around health monitoring and what it means for you.

What tests are involved?

Health monitoring usually involves regular testing of an employee’s health in an area related to their area of risk. For example if you are exposed to dust, regular lung function testing (called spirometry) is done to ensure it is not affecting your breathing.


Other tests included are hearing and vision screening. It is important to check your employees hearing if they are exposed to noise. Vision is important for anyone needing precise vision for their job. Call us to book today.

Should your workplace be carrying out Health Monitoring?

If an employee is exposed to hazardous substances or working conditions, it is the employer’s responsibility to put measures in place to manage and control that exposure. These measures are designed to protect the employee’s health.


Examples of these measures could include Exposure Monitoring equipment that is worn while the employee works. This equipment could measure noise levels or the density of particles in the air. Gathering this kind of information can help an employer to provide the correct protective equipment to control exposure to conditions that could impact health.


If an employer reviews the working environment and identifies potential dangers and hazards, the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 state that the employer is responsible for controlling and monitoring hazard levels, and monitoring employee health.

Who receives the results?

Once appropriate tests have been carried out, results are analysed and a report issued. Because this is a medical report there are strict guidelines for how it must be handled.

  • The results are and must be kept confidential.
    The medical information in the report should only relate to the control measures and the work hazard.
  • The reports and results can not be shared with anyone without the worker’s written consent – except to the regulator or if the employee is under the care of more than one employer responsible for Health Monitoring then the results should be shared with other employers.
  • Internal access to the results and reports should be restricted to key decisions makers (i.e. the Health and Safety Manager)
  • It’s recommended that the employee shares the results with their GP.

Who is qualified to carry out Health Monitoring?

WorkSafe specifies that all testing is carried out or supervised by an occupational health practitioner (a medical doctor, registered nurse or nurse practitioner) with knowledge, skills and experience in carrying out these tests.

WorkAble are fully qualified to carry out the necessary tests needed for your employees.

For more information about Health Monitoring as an employer or your rights as an employee, visit WorkSafe NZ.

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