Is your employee’s hearing at risk?

If your noise levels are above the 85dB 8 hour average, you’re responsible for monitoring the hearing of your employees. An annual hearing test is a legal obligation under the Code of Practice for the Management of Noise in the Workplace.

You can rely on WorkAble

WorkAble takes the stress out of tracking your employee’s health. Once you register an employee in our system, we’ll take care of all future test scheduling so that your business can rely on being compliant at all times. You will also receive an informative report (with consent from the employee) following each assessment.

It’s easier to test hearing with WorkAble

WorkAble make it easy to fulfil your obligations. Hearing tests are approximately 15 minutes in length and can be conducted on site to minimise downtime and reduce the challenge of testing multiple team members.

From hearing to wellbeing

WorkAble offers a full range of medical testing designed to give you the ability to track the physical and mental health of your employees. Introduce the WorkAble wellCheck service to your business and begin your journey towards a healthier, more productive team.


Vision testing should be carried out for all employees who need precise vision for their work. If your employees need to be able to see clearly to be safe; WorkAble can provide a vision screening service to your business.

WorkAble make vision testing quick and easy

We come to you, so we can vision test one employee or many with minimal disruption to your business. Vision testing is quick and easy for your team and can be completed for each employee in just 5 minutes.

You can rely on WorkAble

We believe it should be easy to look after the health of your employees. Once you register a team member in our system, we’ll notify you when future vision testing is due so that your business is able to proactively monitor employee health. You will also receive an informative report (with consent from the employee) following each assessment.


Protect your employees by monitoring their health

Testing the vision or hearing of your employees is an effective way to remind them of the importance of health and safety practices in your workplace.


Show your employees that their health is important to your business.

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