Looking for an easy way to protect your team from flu? WorkAble come to your business and offer a flu vaccination service in Gisborne.

What is flu?

Flu is a serious illness. Being infected by the flu virus can lead to a stay in hospital for someone of any age, and the risk is even higher for the very young and very old, or those with poor or compromised immunity.


Influenza can include any or all of these symptoms: sore throat, lack of energy, muscle aches, headache, nausea, and fever.


The symptoms of fever and body ache can last around a week while the cough and loss of energy can last even longer, up to two to three weeks.

Why vaccinate your employees against flu?

Small to medium-sized businesses make up 97% of the businesses in New Zealand. While that’s earned our country a reputation for innovation and agility, it also makes us a nation of businesses that are at high risk from viruses like the flu.

Is your business able to cope without a full workforce?

Flu is easily transmitted and you can be infectious the day before you start showing symptoms. Once one person in your business comes to work infected there’s a good chance they’re going to pass the virus on. Flu symptoms tend to last for weeks rather than days and usually require bed rest.


The only effective way to reduce the risk of flu in your business is to immunise your employees. Getting a flu shot doesn’t guarantee your employees won’t get infected, but it does help to prevent infection. If your team do get flu they should experience milder symptoms that are easier and quicker to recover from.

How to protect your business from flu

Giving flu shots to your employees is a simple and easy way to protect your business. Call WorkAble today and we’ll come to you. We’re also accepting bookings for next year’s flu season.


It’s not too late to protect your business from flu


Flu vaccination is available all year round, but it’s most common to immunise before the winter flu season. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to immunise this year, contact the WorkAble team and find out more.


As well as giving your team immunisation against the flu, it’s a good idea to remind them of good practise for reducing the spread of flu. That means:

  • Covering your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough.
  • Washing and drying your hands often, to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Encourage your employees to stay home if they are sick.

How does the flu vaccine work?

The flu vaccine is developed every year to match the most prevalent strains of flu virus in our region of the world. Most people get vaccinated for flu between April and June. The flu vaccine takes 2 weeks from getting the shot to it being fully effective.


The flu jab works by triggering your immune system into producing the right antibodies to fight the virus. If you’re exposed to the same virus that you’ve been immunised for, your body then has the right antibodies ready to fight infection. That means that if you do get sick it won’t be as severe as it would be without the antibodies ready to attack.


The flu shot does often cause mild side effects that it’s good to be aware of. These can include mild pain and swelling around the injection site, mild fever, feeling unwell, tired or weak. Ask your medical practitioner for more details.

Protect your business with flu immunisations today

Every year, over a million New Zealanders immunise themselves against the influenza (flu) virus. Invest in a healthy workforce and protect your business from sick days and lost productivity.

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